Samuel Lee Miller - Graphic Designer in Nashville

Get Fit



Creating a conceptual brand for a 24/7 gym—implementing witty messaging, thoughtful strategy, and stunning visuals.



Visual Identity
Brand Messaging
UI/UX Design




Given that the gym is always open, I thought it would be wise to use this to tell a compelling story. Playing a crucial role in the brand, the messaging was important to flesh out first. After brainstorming, I narrowed my list down to 5 key messages.


A Workout that Works for You

Work Out When It Works Out

Fit, In Your Schedule

The Gym that Never Skips Your Workout

Nobody is the same. No body is the same.



Visual Identity

The logo incorporates a “G” and “F” (in the negative space), while also implies the idea of a flexing arm. Strong and clever, much like the brand messaging, the visual identity is sure to be remembered.

Get Fit_Construction.png
Get Fit_Logo.png
Get Fit_Logo 02.png



Extending the brand beyond the logo, I sought to create visuals that conveyed the appropriate look and feel.

Get Fit_Shirt.png
Get Fit_Water Bottle.png


UI/UX Design

The project culminated with a website homepage—where all the elements come together in refreshing way.