Showing the power of strength in numbers.


In this project, I help get a gym’s brand up and running so that it can oust its competition.




Brand Strategy

Visual Identity

Web Design

Social Media Strategy

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Brand Strategy

Building A Foundation

Building a brand from the start is an exciting process, and I was fortunate enough to do so here for this 24-hour gym. Since I believe understanding the “why” behind projects is important, I began asking questions like “What is the mission/vision for the gym?” and “What does success look like for this project?” to unpack it.

As I dove into it, the more the ideas of community and accessibility kept popping up. It was the “why” behind the endeavor.

Those simple questions (among others) led the way to explore the overall brand tone—which in this case—began with its messaging.


Brand Messaging

Setting The Tone


Punchy But Not Cheesy

Ambitious But Not Aggressive

Powerful But Not Overbearing

Positive But Not Happy-Go-Lucky

Clever But Not Purposeless


The gym that never skips your workout.

Don’t run away from the gym. Run to it.

Fit, In Your Schedule

No matter your routine, get after it.



Stretching the Possibilities of Gym Brands

Let’s be honest, gym brands—especially local ones—can be made without much taste. Keeping the messaging tone in mind, I began to brainstorm names. Because this gym wanted to go against the grain, I pushed for a more unconventional name.

The gym wanted:

Something general enough to cover the full spectrum of fitness.

Something it can truly own.

Something creative, powerful.




Selecting A Name

After mind-mapping out words and associations, I began to form brand names by combining words. 

The following three were chosen as finalists:


Conveys the never ending journey of fitness.


Conveys the desire to be strong.


Plays on the phrase “Strength In Numbers”

While all these options were strong, Athlytic was chosen because it could tie in the competitive nature of fitness (hitting numbers) with a “We’re stronger together” mentality.

Not to mention, the handle (@athlytic) was available on social media.




Because of the flexing arm in the negative space and the strong “A” icon, I focused my attention on that direction. After some finessing, I landed on a final icon and typographic treatment. The two would be used separately depending on the application.






Brand Elements

Creating a Strong Visual System

Building out the rest of the visual system for Athlytic meant selecting brand colors and typography that matched the overall brand tone I had established. My biggest challenge was finding a balance between being ambitious without it feeling too aggressive.

Color Palette

Since many gyms use red colors in their branding, I used this as an opportunity to differentiate from competition. Going in the opposite direction, I explored various blue and green colors. In the end, I chose a green because it’s able to communicate growth and community while still having a bold presence.

athlytic-colorsAsset 16.png


Seeking to match the power and strength of the logo, I looked at a variety of condensed fonts to use. I chose a condensed font because it would allow the punchy messaging to work well in application.

athlytic-typeAsset 19.png

Brand Application

Running with the Athlytic Brand

Putting all the elements together, I designed several marketing pieces to showcase the Athlytic brand in all its glory.

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Social Media Strategy

Social Strength

I also built out the brand into social media contexts—showing what potential posts and profiles could look like.





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Social Media Strategy

Fostering Community Online

In both working out and building community, results take time and effort. Because community was something that was extremely important to Athlytic, I came up with an idea for a social media campaign once the gym got going to spur along this initiative.


Time To Do Something

Given the fact that the gym is open 24-hours, I thought this would be wise to use to tell a compelling narrative. The idea for the campaign is simple: people from the gym are able to share what Athlytic has allowed them the time to do because they’re open all day. Answers could vary from “It gave me the time to stop making excuses” to “It allowed me time to see my daughter in her first dance recital.”

The answers could be handwritten by the members and then used in a social media post. A portrait of the individual could also be used for variety on Athlytic’s feed.



Going the Extra Mile

Simply being available, whether it’s literally being open longer hours or actually being personally/emotionally available for someone, can make all the difference. Going the extra mile for your community pays off. Athlytic is certainly well on its way.


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