Elevating the art of icon design.


Iconaday began with a personal challenge: design one icon every single day and post it on Instagram.




Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Social Media Strategy


Brand Strategy

Transitioning the Account

While designing an icon every day was done with good intentions, it was not a sustainable practice. The process of creating did, however, teach me a lot about icons. I learned how valuable they are and important it was to have quality icons. I also discovered designers who were making beautiful icons.

This epiphany, to shift from a personal challenge into a showcase for designers, has made Iconaday what it is today. Yet, Iconaday at its core is more than a feature account for icon design. It's a thriving online community.


Re-Positioning Iconaday

With this knowledge, I began to re-position Iconaday through refreshing the visual identity, establishing brand guidelines, and implementing digital marketing efforts. 


Brand Discovery 

Figuring Out Iconaday

Since this had always been a personal project, I never thought about how I was positioning Iconaday. "What is Iconaday? Who is Iconaday trying to reach? What's its value proposition? Why should people care about Iconaday?" are just some of the questions that I began to ask myself. Starting to brainstorm words that I wanted people to associate with Iconaday, I began to figure out more about the brand and where I wanted to take it moving forward.

In the end, I landed on three key words:







Visual Research

Researching Iconography

Icons have been around for ages. Unknown to many, they help us make sense of our world. Whether it's an icon to designate a section of an app or it's a religious icon, iconography is vastly overlooked in our world today.

Samuel Lee Miller_Portfolio_Iconaday_Visual Inspiration 01.png

Visual Research

The Right Look and Feel

While I liked the visuals I pulled in my first inspiration board (above), it didn't feel right to me. It wasn't appropriate for Iconaday and where I want to go with it in the future.

I then began to explore what an alternative visual identity could look and feel like. In contrast to the previous inspiration board, this one felt sleek yet subtle, bold yet understated, minimal yet full of personality. All of these elements allow the icon design work to truly shine.

Samuel Lee Miller_Portfolio_Iconaday_Visual Inspiration 02.png

 Visual Identity

Refining the Heart

Since Iconaday has used a heart icon from the beginning, I decided to keep it in the identity because of the brand equity. As I looked at the current heart, I saw that it looked sloppy. I knew I could make it better.


Implementing A Logotype

After I reconstructed the heart, I felt that a logotype would fit the brand well. It'd give Iconaday a much needed visual hierarchy.

Samuel Lee Miller_Portfolio_Iconaday_Logotype_Details.png
Samuel Lee Miller_Portfolio_Iconaday_Logotype_Details 02.png
Samuel Lee Miller_Portfolio_Iconaday_Logotype_Reversed.png

Carefully Choosing Colors

When selecting colors for the Iconaday brand, I sought to blend the two visual inspiration boards that I created—to make something that would be strong yet subtle, so that the featured icon design work would shine or the Iconaday brand could stand on its own.

I decided to build the brand around a simple color palette—using a monochromatic scheme with a pop of yellow. This combination of colors gives Iconaday a strong but not overwhelming personality.

Samuel Lee Miller_Portfolio_Iconaday_Brand Colors.png

Pinpointing Typographic Personality

Since the brand already had some personality established, I felt that selecting a typeface with character was the way to go. Because there are a myriad of options out there, I used the logotype as inspiration and found a typeface that complimented certain characteristics.

Samuel Lee Miller_Portfolio_Iconaday_Typography.png

Putting the Pieces Together

Working within the system that I established, Iconaday is beginning to roll out new initiatives. Stay tuned for the launch of iconaday.com, products, and other high-quality resources.

Samuel Lee Miller_Portfolio_Iconaday_Website Preview.png


Moving Forward

When building a brand, it's important to keep the end goal in mind. While Iconaday is an ongoing project, my goal of refreshing the brand and establishing a visual system to work within was accomplished. I'm excited to see where Iconaday continues to go in the future. 


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